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View real-time vehicle diagnostic information straight from your Instrument Cluster!

Clock your 0-60mph times with a built in chronometer, view live boost PSI, monitor your air intake temperatures, oil temperature and much more via your MFD+ instrument cluster! With the Polar FIS, up to 140 available parameters can be displayed on your MFD display, with up to 4 parameters being shown at a time (Six for Red MFD Displays).

Features Include:

  • -Custom Display with a combination of 140 Parameters, including Boost Pressure, Engine Load %, Oil Temperature and much more
  • -Built in VIM to enable video on stereo screen while vehicle is in motion for RNS510 Navigation Systems
  • -POLAR Advanced FIS supports OEM bluetooth and Fiscon bluetooth, unlike other products, POLAR Advanced FIS does not use the Bluetooth menu in the FIS, but creates a new menu called Advanced POLAR FIS. 
  • -The name of the created menu is customizable, which can substitute the name POLAR Advanced FIS by the text you want (up to 10 characters) 
  • -Option to turn off the POLAR Advanced FIS screen off making the unit undetectable when taking the car in for dealership services/repairs. It can be reactivated by simply pressing and holding the OK button on the steering wheel or windshield wiper lever for 10 seconds. 
  • -Automatic temperature units (° C, ° F), Speed (kmh / mph) and Size (Liters / Gallons) selected in the FIS. 
  • -Manual selection of the units in which you want to display the parameters relating to pressure. Automatic, mbar, bar, PSI. 
  • -Multi-function steering wheel / Wiper stalk control.

Installation is simple and requires minimal tools. Check our custom written installation guide below.

PolarFIS Installation Guide- Eurozone Tuning


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