Stereo Package Contents

Your RNS510 / RNS315 / RCD510 / Audi RNS-E Custom Order Will Include the following:

Your RNS510/RNS315/RCD510/RNS-E Navigation System/Touchscreen Radio

Secured in custom cut CNC Protective Foam Cushioning to protect your investment during shipment

  • Radio Security Code Card

    The radio code is needed to unlock your radio after it is first installed in your vehicle. Keep this radio code card in your glovebox for future use/reference

  • Receipt and Installation Packet

    Our Installation Instruction Packets are custom written for each vehicle to make your installation process as simple and easy as possible. We are also available 24/7 via e-mail to answer any questions.

Tracking Number via FedEx/DHL/USPS

To track the location of your shipment during transit


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