RCD510 Revisions Explained

The RCD510 AC Revision has the following features:

  • 6.5” Touchscreen

  • AM/FM Radio

  • SD Card music playback

  • Sirius Satellite Radio built in (requires antenna to be installed, external or roof antenna)

  • 6-Disc internal CD changer

  • MDI control (if car is equipped with an MDI input)

  • Auxilary glovebox control (if vehicle is equipped with auxiliary input in glovebox/armrest)

  • Bluetooth audio playback (if vehicle is equipped with a bluetooth module. Bluetooth modules are usually located under the passenger seat enclosed in a foam compartment)


The RCD510 AD Revision has all of the features of the AC, and adds the following:

  • HD Radio

  • Displays album art for HD Radio Channels


The RCD510 AE and AF Revision have all of the features of the AC and AD, and add the following:

  • Has a "Phone" button which allows you to control your phonebook, dialpad and contacts via bluetooth (If your vehicle is equipped with a 9W7 bluetooth module under your passenger seat)

The RCD510 F revision is the latest release of the RCD510 Lineup. Has all of the features of the AC, AD and AF, and adds the following:

  • Input for an OEM VW backup camera (yellow harness in rear of unit)


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