POLAR FIS MQB MK7 Advanced Multi Function Display VW/Audi POLAR FIS MQB MK7 Advanced Multi Function Display VW/Audi

POLAR FIS MQB MK7 Advanced Multi Function Display VW/Audi

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View real-time vehicle diagnostic information straight from your Instrument Cluster! Clock your 0-60mph times, view live boost PSI, monitor your air intake, oil temperature and much more!

Installation of the PolarFIS is relatively simple. The PolarFIS acts as a bridge connection between your vehicle's CANBUS and its wiring. Simply unplug the main harness of your vehicle's CANBUS Module, plug into the PolarFIS, and plug the other end of the PolarFIS's included wiring into your CANBUS Module.

Installation guide linked below. Vehicle used for this installation guide is a MK6 Volkswagen GTI, but other vehicles will have similar installation.

PolarFIS Installation Guide

PolarFIS Advance Parameters:

Enable custom displays with up to 140 parameters. 4 parameters can be displayed on the instrument cluster at a time (Six on Red MFD Displays).

Available Parameters include:

  • - Real speed (read from ECU)
  • - Oil temperature (°C / °F)
  • - Coolant temperature (°C / °F)
  • - Outdoor temperature (°C / °F)
  • - Admision temperature (°C / °F)
  • - Turbo boost pressure (bar/ PSI)
  • - Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
  • - RPM motor
  • - Voltage of the battery.
  • - Fuel remaining (Litres / Gallons)
  • - Atmospheric pressure
  • - Pressure fuel pump
  • - Injection timing
  • - Injection quantity
  • - Injection angle
  • - Injection start
  • - TV Free function
  • - Motor load.
  • - Ambient Temperature (engine ECU)
  • - Coolant temperature engine output.
  • - Coolant temperature leaving the radiator.
  • - Mass air flow
  • - Admision pressure
  • - Sensor 1 throttle pedal
  • - Sensor 2 throttle pedal
  • - Sensor 1 throttle valve
  • - Sensor 2 throttle valve
  • - Horse power used (CV)
  • - Oil level
  • - Minimum oil level
  • - Brake master cylinder pressure
  • - Pressure in the fuel rail
  • - Torque in NM

    Other Features include:

    - The name of the created menu is customisable, which can substitute the name POLAR Advanced FIS by the text you want (up to 10 characters) 
    - Option to turn off the POLAR Advanced FIS screen off making the unit undetectable when taking the car in for service or repair. Is reactivated by simply pressing the OK button on the steering wheel or windshield wiper lever for 10 seconds. 
    - Automatic temperature units (° C, ° F), Speed (kmh / mph) and Size (Liters / Gallons) selected in the FIS. 
    - Manual selection of the units in which you want to display the parameters relating to pressure. Automatic, mbar, bar, PSI. 
    - Multi-function steering wheel / Wiper stalk control.

    - Polar Advanced FIS automatically installs itself in the gateway, so you do not need diagnostic software after installation.


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