VW OEM Backup Camera Install Guides

The following blog post will cover how to install one of our OEM backup camera kits into your vehicle. Adding a backup camera to your stock stereo adds another level of luxury, safety and added convenience to your vehicle. 

Volkswagen OEM Rear View Camera Kits

These backup cameras are OEM and use stock wiring and connectors. These will also only fit Volkswagens using the following Stereos:


Our kits compose of the cameras themselves, stock 26 pin connector with wiring, and leads for 12V+ power, ground and trigger connections. Some additional tools will be needed to complete the install, such as wire taps (to connect leads), a 12V Fuse Tap to gain 12V+ power, trim removal tools, and VCDS to enable the backup camera feature on your stereo.


For those having trouble with the install, check out our Camera kit Troubleshooting Guide. This goes over all possible issues along with how to fix them.

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