Q: Where is my custom EZT steering wheel?

A: Thank you for your custom EZT steering wheel order! Custom wheels have a build time that can range between 3 weeks and 7 weeks depending on core availability and other factors. You can track the exact progress status of your wheel build here.

If you order a Pre-Built steering wheel that is in stock, it will typically ship the next business day. 

Q: Do the EZT Carbon Edition Steering Wheels come with a warranty?

A: All EZT Carbon Edition Steering Wheels come with a 1 year warranty (from the date of purchase) for defects in materials and workmanship. Warranty does not cover any damage resulting from misuse, improper maintenance or installation, self repair, modifying or tampering.


Q: Will I need a dealership or professional installer to install any of these radios in my vehicle?

A: No! These radios are easy swaps and can be done by any beginner. You may still hire a professional to install the head unit for you, but rest assured that the swap is not difficult at all. The only tools that are mandatory are a pry tool, as well as a Torx-20 screwdriver. Every head unit comes with a set of installation instructions at no charge. Just add a note on the model and year of your vehicle to your order, or send a message to one of our technicians before completing your purchase. 


Q: Will the radio come with a security unlock code? How do I enter the security code?

A: Every OEM Stereo and navigation system we sell will come with a four digit security code. Once the radio is installed in your vehicle and powered on, a prompt will show up on the screen with a numeric keypad. Simply enter the given four digit security code and press OK to unlock the radio. 

This only needs to be done one time, when you power on the radio in your vehicle for the first time.

For MIB2 stereos, no radio code is needed. We unlock the unit in-house before shipping to you.  

Q: Once I place my order, how soon will I receive my package?

A: If all items are in stock when your order is placed, your order will ship from our facility within one business day. We ship using USPS Priority mail.

Depending on your location from our facility (East Hartford, CT), your shipping duration will depend on the method of shipping you choose in our checkout. 

  • USPS Priority Express: 1-2 Business days
  • USPS Priority Shipping: 2-3 Business days¬†
  • FedEx Home Delivery: 3-7 Business days

A tracking number will be emailed to you instantly as soon as your order is shipped. All orders above $300 must have an adult present to supply a signature to the deliverer.

Shipments to Canada will arrive in 2-8 business days.

International shipments via DHL will also typically arrive in 2-4 business days.


Q: Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

A: There is now a local pickup option on the site! Select local pickup, then Contact Us to organize a pickup date for your order. We are located in Bloomfield, CT


Q: What is your return policy?

A: Our full return policy can be seen here.

Factory VW Retrofit Kit Questions:

Q: What do the VW RCD510 Radio Suffixes Stand for (AC, AD, AE, AF, F, etc)?

A: The revision suffix of the RCD510 signifies the features available on that particular unit. For example, AD introduces HD Radio, AE introduces Bluetooth phone control and HD radio album art, and F introduces rear view camera compatibility. Click the link below for more in depth information.

RCD510 Overview- Eurozone Tuning Blog


Q: What do the VW RNS510 Nav System Suffixes Stand for (A,B,C Revision, etc.)?

A: The revision suffix of the RNS510 signifies the features available on that particular unit. The C Revision introduces a stronger LCD Backlit Display, the E Revision Introduces Sirius Travel Link (Live Sports scores, fuel prices, etc). The J Revision introduces a Solid State Hard Drive. Click the link below for more in depth information.

RNS510 Overview- Eurozone Tuning Blog


Q: Which Software/Maps will my RNS510 Come Pre-Loaded With

All RNS510's we sell come with 11M (2016) North America Maps Pre-loaded by us before being shipped. The software which your unit will come loaded depends on the revision of the RNS510. Use the table below to determine which software your RNS510 will come loaded with.

  • RNS510 Initial through D Revisions: v1140 firmware
  • RNS510 E through G ¬†Revisions: v4366 firmware
  • RNS510 J and higher Revisions: v5382 firmware

Video in Motion is optional and can be programmed into your RNS510 if requested.

Q: What additional accessories will I need to install my new stereo?

A: In the header of each of the sections of the site, a fitment chart is given for each model and year. If the radio meets the fitment criteria, then the radio will not need any additional hardware for it to power on in your vehicle.

To access each additional feature of your radio may require additional accessories. Follow the chart below as a rule of thumb for each model year and radio. Feel free to ask us any fitment questions in the "Contact Us" section of the page and one of our technicians would be welcome to personally answer any fitment questions you may have.

 If you are installing an RCD510 in your 2005.5-2009 Vehicle, you will need:

 If you are installing an RNS315 or RNS510 in your 2005-2009 Vehicle:

  • Everything required for RCD510 installation
  • External GPS Antenna (If your vehicle did not come with navigation as a factory option)

 If you are installing an RCD510 in your 2010+ vehicle:

  • External SiriusXM Antenna (If your car's original radio did not have sirius radio)¬†(In Stock)
  • 9W7 Bluetooth Module With Wiring Harness¬†(if your vehicle's original radio did not have bluetooth as a factory option)
    • ***If your vehicle came with bluetooth AND sirius radio, then you need no additional accessories.

 If you are installing an RNS510 or RNS315 in your 2010+ vehicle:

  • Everything required for RCD510 installation
  • External GPS Antenna (If your vehicle did not come with navigation¬†as a factory option)

Q: Which additional accessories are needed to install the Discover Media Plus MIB2 PQ Retrofit Kit into my Volkswagen?

A: Everything needed for an RNS510 swap, minus a bluetooth module since the MIB2 PQ has bluetooth built in. If your vehicle did not come from the factory with an OEM Microphone, you will need one as well.

Q: Which stereos work with OEM Rear View Cameras?

A: All RNS510 and RNS315 Navigation Systems have 26-pin Rear View Camera inputs which can accommodate any OEM Rear View Camera. Only RCD510 Revision F and H models have Rear View Camera inputs. On the RCD510's, you can tell this by the last digit of its part number, or by its visible yellow rectangular 26-pin input on the rear of the unit.

 For MIB

Q: Is any programming needed for the 8" MK7 Retrofit Kit for 2016+ Volkswagens?

A: No! The install is completely plug and play and no programming or radio codes are needed for the swap. Some warning lights may appear after installing (DCC error, lane assist error), but those will disappear after a few cycles.

If you are installing a full MIB2 or MIB2.5 Kit into your 2015 vehicle with Fender Audio, then some programming is needed. See page 3 of our guide here. Otherwise, the installation is plug and play.

Q: I am having difficulty with my VW rear view Camera retrofit. Please help!

A: Check out our camera install troubleshooting guide linked here.

Most issues can be attributed to a wiring issue (one of the wires in our kit not connected properly or securely), power issue, or programming issue.

Additional Tips:

  • After programming your stereo to enable the RVC feature, soft reset the stereo to make sure your new settings apply.
  • For MIB2 (MQB or PQ):
    • If the MIB2 attempts to show the¬†camera¬†in reverse but receives no signal, then it will not attempt again until either the car is restarted or you soft reset the unit again
    • If the MIB2 is getting no reverse video feed, then it‚Äôs a wiring issue. Make sure yellow wire taps into reverse trigger in the taillight, red goes to constant 12V+ in the fuse box, black with the ground tab goes to ground, and wires marked 1 and 2 go into pins 6 and 12 in the blue block of the connector that plugs into the MIB2.
  • If even one wire is not connected properly,¬†camera¬†will not work ¬†(for obvious reasons).
  • If you used a fuse tap for 12V+, make sure both fuse slots are filled in the fuse tap.¬†


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