RNS510 Navigation System Overview

The RNS510 is the optional Hard Drive-based Navigation System available on Volkswagens from 2009-2015. This unit features a multitude of features, centered on its Hard-Drive Based System and 6.5" LCD Touchscreen. 63e5eca597376034f0de3090b1ea1c65 In our online web store, our units are categorized by the RNS510's "revision letter". The OEM North American RNS510 uses the part number 3C0035684xx, where the xx identify the unit's revision. Be weary of European models with part number 1Toxxxxxx, which have problems when USA Maps are loaded and do not have Sirius Radio, HD Radio and various other standard features. RNS510 Revision Overview:
  • Initial, A and B Revision- Earlier revision RNS510's. Upgradeable to 1140 firmware. Has the following features:
    • 6.5" LCD Touchscreen (800x480 16:9)
    • AM/FM Radio
    • HD Radio
    • Sirius Satellite Radio (Requires subscription via SiriusXM)
    • Sirius Traffic (Requires subscription via SiriusXM)
    • Turn by turn GPS Navigation
    • Rear View Camera Input (Requires OEM VW Rear view camera kit)
    • 30GB Hard Drive for music storage from CD's and from SD (10GB reserved for maps)
    • SD Card Music Playback (Uses slot on faceplate of unit)
    • Auxilary input capability (Using existing OEM Aux input in glovebox/armrest)
    • MDI Capability
    • Single-disc CD/DVD Player (DVD's can be played while vehicle is in park. Video in motion activation is available)
    • Bluetooth Phone Control (Requires external Bluetooth module)
  • C/D Revision- Introduces brighter LED backlight, and slightly faster boot up times. Upgradeable to version 1140 firmware
  • E/F/G/H Revision- Comes on 2012-2013 Volkswagens. Introduces Sirius Travellink, which feeds live Sports scores, Gas Prices, movie Times, Weather and other cool features to your head unit. A subscription is required to enable this service. Upgradeable to 4366 Firmware.
  • J/K/L/M/N/P/Q and newer Revisions- Comes on 2014 and later Volkswagens. Introduces Solid State Hard Drive, which speeds up interface. Includes other software related fixes. Upgradeable to firmware 5382.
When retrofitting this unit into a Volkswagen which did not have GPS from the factory (MFD2 or RNS315), you will at minimum need a GPS Antenna. For 2005.5-2009 models, you will need an AM/FM Adapter, and Sirius Antenna/Sirius Extension Cable. An external bluetooth module is necessary if your vehicle did not originally come from the factory with bluetooth capabilities or does not have a 9W2/9W7 bluetooth module installed. Coding via VCDS may also be required to change the RNS510's amplifier settings, as well as to toggle BAP+ Communications. If you notice no sound coming from your unit after installation, the amplifier settings need to be adjusted via VCDS to let your RNS510 know if you have a 1)Dynaudio Sound System, 2) Fender Sound System or 3)No Amplified Sound System. BAP+ communications should be enabled if your cluster uses white letters (2010 and up), and disabled for vehicles with Red Instrument Clusters (2005-2010). Navigation Data and Music Information only displays on highline Instrument Clusters (MFD+). If you are able to toggle through your instrument cluster menu to view MPG, speed, and other settings, you have a highline cluster. If your cluster is not able to toggle through menus and only fills half of the rectangular area, your vehicle has a low-line cluster. A low-line cluster is shown on the left side, while the highline cluster is displayed on the right. mfdcompare Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.27.06 PM

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