RCD510 Touchscreen Radio Overview

The RCD510 Touchscreen Radio became available as an option on most Volkswagen models from 2010-2016 and can be retrofitted into older models, as well as models which come from the factory with base stereos.



This radio features the following:

  • Manufactured by Delphi
  • 6.5" Color Touchscreen with 400x240 pixel resolution
  • 6 Disc In Dash CD Changer
  • SD Card Playback (Slot on faceplate of unit)
  • Ipod/External Multimedia Interface (Uses optional MDI input)
  • Aux Playback (Uses existing 3.5mm aux input in glovebox/armrest)
  • 4x20 watt Built in Amplifier
  • Sirius Radio Capable
  • Displays Audio/Radio information on instrument Cluster (Highline Displays only)
  • Bluetooth Audio Playback (Requires 9W2/9W7 Bluetooth Module to be installed and programmed in vehicle)
As you may see on our online webstore, these Touchscreen Radios are classified by their "Revision Number". All North American RCD510 units have the part number 1K0035180xx, where the xx indicates its revision.
  • AC Revision- Introduced in 2010. Includes all of the features listed above
  • AD Revision- Introduced in 2011. Adds HD Radio to the AC Revision.
  • AE/AF Revision- Introduced in 2012. Adds Bluetooth Phone Control to the AD revision. These units introduce a "Phone" Button on the right hand side of the faceplate, which activates this phone function. Once your Cellular phone is connected to a connected bluetooth module, you can place calls via the on-screen dialpad, view your Phonebook, and accept/reject calls. If your vehicle is a 2010 or newer with a White font highline display, this information will show on your display.
  • F/H Revision- Introduced in 2014. These units introduce a rearview camera input. This input is visible as a yellow 32-pin input in the rear of the unit.
To install one of these units in a 2010 or newer Volkswagen, no additional modules or accessories are needed. A bluetooth module is necessary to use bluetooth features, and an MDI input is necessary to use the RCD510's iPod/Multimedia interface. To install one of these units in a 2005.5-2009 Volkswagen, a few more accessories are required to complete the install. You will need the following:
  • AM/FM Adapter (Link to item in our Web Store)
  • Sirius Extension Cable (if your stock radio had Sirius Radio capabilities. To determine if your stock radio had Sirius Radio, look underneath your passenger seat or trunk for a Sirius Module. Also, look for a shark fin antenna on your roof, as opposed to a whip antenna) (Link to item in our Web Store)
  • External Sirius Antenna (If your vehicle does not have a Sirius module from the factory) (Link to item in our Web Store)
  • Bluetooth Module and MDI Input. Optional, if those features are desired.
Some earlier 2005.5-2007 Models are susceptible to battery drain issues with the AC or AD revision RCD510 models. This issue was fixed in AE and later models. An updated canbus gateway OR fusebox tap is needed if you do experience battery drain with these models. Send us a message for more clarification on this issue.

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