Watch us upgrade Charles 2018 Sportwagen Infotainment System!

Charles from MA gets his new MIB2.5 Discover Pro Installed at the EZT shop!


Because Charles's factory system was the 6.5" all-in-one unit (Brain Unit built into the brain unit), he also needed some extra components. His vehicle required a new glovebox (to hold the new MIB2.5 Brain Unit, and our EZT relocation wiring harness (to relocate his wiring from behind the screen to the glovebox). 

The MIB2.5 was then programmed per Charles's Sportwagen's specs.

We performed the installation at our facility in Bloomfield, CT.

Contact us via Live Chat or via the Contact Us link above to inquire about us installing this kit in your 2015-2021 VW!

Link to kit:

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