February Eurozone Update

Good afternoon fellow VW/Audi Enthusiasts. Today is yet another day in the Eurozone office. Two VW units have been custom coded and mailed out today. Thanks for your orders, Andrew and JC! We hope you enjoy them.

We also have two new VW Navigation Systems in our inventory this week. Both are RNS510 C-Revision Navigation Systems (Part Number 3C0035684C). They are both fully tested and Eurozone Certified, and have been upgraded with 2015 North American Maps as well as v1140 software. These stereos fit most Volkswagens from 2006-2014 with minimal accessories needed to complete the install. Check the FAQ section of the site to learn which accessories you require to complete the install, or contact us with questions. We are available 24/7 to answer any fitment or order questions. Check the links below to view the new units!


RNS510 C Revision (1)

RNS510 C Revision (2)

Earlier this month, we launched a re-hauled version of our site which is more aesthetically pleasing and greatly enhances the customer shopping experience. The overall theme of the home page has been tweaked quite a bit, and new are the featured collections slideshows, featured items and new blog post previews. These home page items help to inform you all of the new products we have to offer, and make it easier to find which products you need to complete your stereo/accessory install. Feel free to comment below with feedback on our new site layout!

New to our online store this month is the addition of several new, exciting products. We are getting closer to our goal of becoming the ultimate one-stop shop for VW and Audi Stereo and Electronics Retrofitting.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Uber-Stealth Audio Subwoofer Enclosures. Uber-Stealth Audio was founded by Nik, who custom builds these extremely high quality subwoofer boxes to order. Uber-Stealth Audio has been a dominant presence in the VW Enthusiast community since 2011, and Nik has sold hundreds of subwoofer boxes to date. You can find countless reviews of his quality products on forums such as VWVortex.com, as well as GolfMK6.com

His signature product is the underfloor subwoofer enclosure. This box is made to replace the Styrofoam tray in the trunk under the top cover (usually used as a small storage area). By having the enclosure in this location, you can install a subwoofer up to 10” in your vehicle without compromising any trunk space! The exterior of these enclosures are covered in OEM fabric, to closely resemble the trunk carpeting of your vehicle. This results in an extremely high quality piece of equipment which can easily be mistaken as a factory part. These underfloor subwoofer enclosure boxes fit in MK5/MK6 Golf Hatchback variants (2006-2014 VW Rabbit/Golf/GTI/GolfR and Audi A3 FWD).

Also new to our store are OEM Backup Cameras and Bluetooth Modules. These accessories ship directly from our OE warehouses in Germany and are OEM quality, unlike many Asian replicas you may find from other online vendors.

Backup cameras are currently available for most 2006-2015 Volkswagen vehicles and can be used on the following stereos:

  • RNS510 Navigation Systems
  • RNS315 Navigation Systems
  • RCD510 Touchscreen Stereo Systems (ONLY F and H revision units with the yellow 26-pin harness in the rear of the unit).

Please note that after installation, your stereo must be coded with VAGCOM to enable rear view camera view to appear when your vehicle enters reverse gear. We can Enable rear view camera settings on any device you order from us. Either select the “Enable Rear View Camera” toggle while placing your order, or send us an email before placing your order.

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