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RNS510 Firmware Updates

Posted by Billy Napoleon on

USA RNS510 Version 1140 Firmware For use on part numbers 3C0035684/3C0035684A/3C0035684B/3C0035684C/3C0035684D
  • Allows up to 32GB SDHC Card Usage
  • Fixes in software to speed up interface responsiveness
  • Slight Graphical updates
Download Link Below: V1140_RNS510_FIRMWARE Note: Simply rename downloaded file from .cdr to .iso to burn image on Windows PC's. We recommend burning this image to a DVD+R Disc at slower speeds (4x or 8x).
Older Versions:
USA RNS510 Version 1040 Firmware
(in .iso format)

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  • I just upgraded to 1140 on 2010 GTI and it worked great. I also applied the VIM hack and that works great as well. No battery drain issues so far. I also changed the boot screen logo! Now if only i could get a link for the V.11m maps for north american. I would be set.

    John Gist on
  • SW 1140 worked great on my 2009 Passat Wagon in Canada. First got software loading error (SWL ERROR). Burnt another DVD-R at same 4x slow speed and restarted process, worked great, now 32GB SD card, thanks!

    CHNE on
  • I followed the instructions and was able to upgrade the software on an RNS 510 / Part Number 3C0 035 684A. However, after the 1140 software install, the unit fan will not shut down and will run all night. Any ideas of what may be causing this? I ended up removing the fuse to avoid draining the battery but I am trying to figure out what to do next to try to resolve the problem. Thanks much! Javier

    Javier Reyes on

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