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Hey Eurozone bros and ladies!

We have been on the search for the perfect pad on our shop/personal vehicles after realizing the OEM pads and most of the pads on the market aren't the best. Between the OEM pads running out of meat quickly in their life cycle and the incredible dust, they had to go. 

After testing quite a few brands on our european vehicles, the pad we keep going back to are the Porterfield R4-S pad. These are Carbon-Kevlar pads which reduce brake dust by 70-80% compared to OEM pads. This helps quite a bit to avoid bronze wheel syndrome (when your silver wheels end up bring bronze/brown in between washes!

The R4-S pads are a bit more expensive than aftermarket alternatives, but we truly feel you get what you pay for with these. Enough to become a retailer for Porterfield. Coming soon is a vehicle select option on the site where you an input your vehicle's make/model/year to make it easier to search for the braking kit you need.

We are also retailers for Brembo, Hawk Performance, Wilwood, and Stoptech. If you need a braking kit from one of those suppliers, just contact us and we can match or beat any price on the internet for any kit.

To break these in, just drive normally for the first 80-100 miles with no hard stops.

Order your kit today!

Porterfield Braking

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