New EZT Products for 2017

Happy New Year Volkswagen/Audi enthusiasts,


We at Eurozone Tuning have been working to offer new, exciting products on our online webstore. We are now proud to offer OEM 8” Retrofit Media Solutions for MK7 Golf R/GTI/Golf and E-Golf vehicles, Rear View Camera kits for MK7 Golf R/GTI/Golfs, and Polar FIS link wiring kits for 2006-2009 vehicles.


For 2016, Volkswagen equipped all MK7 Golf variant vehicles in the USA with a standard 6.5” touchscreen based system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto as the only media option. Models in Europe had an available premium option of an 8” based system called the Discover Pro. We at Eurozone are now offering a kit, which uses the 8” LCD Display and Bezel from European vehicles equipped with the Discover Pro Navigation System.


These systems are OEM and are plug and play with 2016 and newer Golf Variant vehicles. Included with our kit are the following:

  • 8" Discover Pro LCD Screen
    • In like-new condition. Removed from brand new vehicles from Germany (Not available in USA Market) 
    • LCD comes with removable temporary screen protector.
  • OEM Bezel for 8" LCD Screen
    • Brand new, Germany OEM Part (Not available in USA Market) (Specify color by choosing your vehicle model in the drop down selection.)
    • Includes OEM Vent Assembly
  • Installation Instruction Packet (linked below)
  • Optional 4x Trim Removal Tools + 4x Soft Pry Trim Removal Tools
  • Optional Screen Protector imported from Germany and pre-installed in-house by our personnel.
    • Choice of standard glossy, premium hardened glossy and premium matte finishes


The install is relatively easy, and full instructions are included with your purchase. View our included installation guide here.


Also available are Rear View Camera kits for MK7 Golf variant vehicles. These kits are composed of all OEM parts and include all OEM parts needed to complete the install. Additional coding will be required via VCDS to enable the Rear View camera on your OEM stereo. Minor wiring accessories may also be needed to complete the install, such as fuse box taps and wire taps. Both are available locally at any automotive store.


The Polar FIS Link is made specifically for 2006-2009 vehicles with red multifunction cluster displays. 

When retrofitting a 9W7 Bluetooth Module into one of these vehicles (Any 2006-2009 Volkswagen with a red instrument cluster), the Bluetooth Phone menu will not be accessible. When retrofitting a RNS315 Navigation System into one of these vehicles, battery drain may occur and none of the Radio Functions will appear on the MFD screen, nor will the steering wheel controls function. The Polar FIS Link solves all of these issues in a simple to install package. 

Installation of the Polar FIS Link requires removing your OEM Stereo, and installing the bridge harness between your vehicle’s stock connection and the OEM Stereo. Once the stereo is reconnected, the install is completed. No additional coding or programming is necessary to complete the install. 

In addition to these new products, we are currently working on releasing new products such as OEM Steering wheels and a new line of original EZT interior accessories. Stay tuned!

Feel free to comment below with any suggestions, questions or recommendations!


Edit (1/30/2017): Fixed link to Installation PDF

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